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4 Ways to Lower Cooling Costs Without Much Effort

You’ve anticipated an increase in your energy bill this summer in Canyon Lake, CA. As such, you’ve wondered what you can do about it. Mainly, it comes down to minimizing air conditioning usage and not wearing the system down prematurely. Follow these tips to reduce your summer cooling costs without much effort:

Ensure the Filter is Clean

After 90 days, the average pleated air filter reaches the end of its usefulness. If left alone, it may become a burden on the AC system’s motor since it’ll allow less air to pass through. Make sure you’re replacing the filter often. Change it every 30 days if you own pets, if someone smokes in your home or if the outdoor air is notably polluted.

Clear Around the Compressor

While cleaning the inside of a compressor is something a professional should do, you can at least clear around it. Make sure there aren’t any fallen leaves or overgrown bushes blocking the compressor; otherwise, the unit won’t release the hot air gathered from your home.

Program the Thermostat

Some homeowners run their air conditioners only when they’re home, but the more efficient thing to do is to simply raise the set point. Before that, though, create a cooling schedule with the programming feature of your thermostat. If you don’t have a programmable or smart thermostat, now’s the time to upgrade.

Sealing and Insulation

Overusing the air conditioner will shorten its lifespan, and you’ll soon find yourself scheduling an installation project. You can cut down on its use, though, by sealing the doors and windows and adding or upgrading the insulation in your attic and walls.

Trust Our Family-Owned Company

Castillo Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can have a NATE-certified service technician come to your home in Canyon Lake and give your AC system the maintenance it needs to run efficiently this summer, so call today. Our family-run business has been serving homes since 1988, and we can service any type of air conditioner.

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