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3 Tips for Using Your Heat Pump Efficiently in Summer

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient way to keep your home cool during hot temperatures. However, using it properly ensures you get the most out of your system. Below are some beneficial tips for using your heat pump efficiently this summer in Menifee, CA.

Schedule Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

A heat pump that’s not properly maintained can drive up energy costs and lead to unnecessary wear and tear. It’s why scheduling regular maintenance is essential for keeping the system operating efficiently and effectively.

It’s necessary to have licensed HVAC professionals inspect your heat pump and provide maintenance at least once per year. This routine check can help identify existing and potential problems and keep your system running correctly.

Change the Air Filter Habitually

The air filter is a vital part of the heat pump. It helps trap dust and other particles so they don’t enter the system’s interior components and your residence eventually.

However, if you or an HVAC professional doesn’t change the filter every 30-90 days, it can clog with dirt and debris. This could lead to reduced airflow and increase your energy bills. Depending on your environment, you may need to change the filter more frequently.

Avoid Extreme Thermostat Settings

When you come inside from the hot temperatures, it may be tempting to set your thermostat as low as possible in an effort to quickly cool your home. However, this won’t make your space feel more comfortable any faster and will only lead to higher energy bills.

It’ll also put unnecessary wear and tear on your system. It’s better to simply set your preferred temperature and wait a little longer.

Using your heat pump correctly is important for keeping energy costs down and ensuring you get the most out of your system. Contact Castillo Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for quality air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality services.

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