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4 Reasons For Your Home’s Uneven Airflow

If your Lake Elsinore, CA, home suffers from low or uneven airflow, there are a variety of potential reasons. In technical terms, the two major factors in uneven airflow are friction and turbulence, but an array of issues can cause them. Read on for some of the most common culprits behind uneven airflow.

Ductwork Issues

Your HVAC system uses ductwork to move air through your home. Clogs make it harder for your HVAC system to circulate air through the ductwork. Leaks that let air out mean your HVAC system needs to work overtime to provide the same amount of air conditioning.

Filter Problems

The air circulating in your home can be host to a variety of particulates, from dirt and dust to pet dander and pollen. Your HVAC system’s filter catches the debris floating in your air before it can get into your ductwork, or worse, your lungs. You’ll need to replace your filter anywhere from monthly to every 90 days; otherwise, your HVAC system will strain to move the air throughout your home.

Register or Vent Blockages

Finally, make sure that you have eight to 12 inches free around your home’s vents and registers. Letting furniture, clothing, upholstery or other items block the vents will make your HVAC system work harder. If your HVAC system can’t get enough air, there’s no way your airflow will be even throughout your home.

Uneven airflow doesn’t just result in inconsistent comfort throughout your home. It also wastes money by making your HVAC system work harder to get all its work done. Contact us at Castillo Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for HVAC maintenance services that can identify and correct these issues to restore uniform temperatures throughout your residence. We look forward to ensuring you’re maximizing comfort and efficiency with even airflow in your house.

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