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4 Main Sources of Household Heat Loss in Perris, CA

Heating costs make up a substantial portion of the average home’s yearly energy budget. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to try and prevent as much heat loss from your home as possible. To help, here are the four most likely sources of heat loss in your Perris, CA, home.

Gaps and Cracks in Windows and Doors

If it weren’t for your home’s windows and doors, it would be a mostly airtight structure. It shouldn’t be shocking that most homes lose significant amounts of heat through their windows and doors. More specifically, heat loss occurs through cracks and gaps around windows and doors, making sealing those a big priority.

Poorly Insulated Exterior Walls

Another place where your home likely loses significant heat is its exterior walls. One way to check for this is to feel the inside of your home’s exterior walls on a cold day. If they feel cold, you might want to explore the addition of new or better insulation to prevent heat loss.

Ceilings and Attics

Since heat rises, there’s a natural tendency for heat to escape through your home’s ceilings and attic. Your attic should be the same temperature as the outdoor air in the winter, even with your heating system running. If it isn’t, it’s a sign that heat is escaping into your attic and that you need more insulation.

Basements and Subfloors

If your attic and ceilings won’t allow heat to escape, it’ll keep trying to find somewhere that will. Often, that place is your home’s basement walls and subfloors.

Most homes in Perris, CA, don’t have basements. But if you do and yours isn’t finished, consider doing so to minimize heat losses there. Or, you might want to add perimeter insulation to keep heat inside in the winter. Either way, you’ll realize significant energy savings in the long term.

Of course, heat loss isn’t the only reason your home might feel chilly in the winter. You might also need to upgrade your heating system to a newer, more capable model. When you’re ready for that, contact Castillo Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to ask us about our heating installation services.

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